My toes are peeling off.

You may recall, dear reader, that I had done a bucket-load of research into this whole surviving breast cancer thing, and found a promising new study out of Germany that recommended chemotherapy treatments beyond the initial and standard six.  Thus, now that radiation has wreaked its benevolent havoc on any surviving malignant nits in my chest, it’s time to apply the promising German ideas.

This involves four rounds of two new chemotherapy drugs–Xeloda and Navelbine.  Lest anyone consult Dr. Google and discover these drugs are commonly used for metastatic cancers, let me assure you that this is a preemptive strike.  Painting the wall with Kilz primer before the color goes on.  Applying OFF before the mosquito nails you.  You get the idea.

One of the drugs, Xeloda, is particularly hateful to one’s skin, which is a factor in the slow healing of the radiation wound on my back.  One of Xeloda’s side effects is called hand/foot syndrome, in which the skin (guess where!) gets red, sore, and blistered.

I sort of forgot that part this morning.  After my bike ride I was examining my new red pedicure and discovered a smallish, sore, blistered area on my toe.  “I’ll just snip this away,” I foolishly thought, and before I knew it, holy cow, the smallish area lifted up and peeled away, leaving the entire end of my toe without its topcoat of skin. Same thing, different toe, on the starboard foot.

I did a lovely job of bandaging my digits with matching red wrap, but the pretty pedicure effect is ruined.

Again with the skin!

“I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.”  Romans 8:18


2 thoughts on “Toes

  1. Well, you can’t say this adventure has been boring! Praying for some super- quick healing miracles to come your way. At least your found color coordinated Coban!

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