There’s a naked spot on my lower eyelid.

Until recently, my eyelashes and eyebrows were courageously hanging in there.  Getting thinner, but with the help of Maybelline, they were there.

This morning’s mascara application, however, found about a quarter-inch of nekkid eyelid.  The lashes are AWOL.  The magic of eyeliner, along with lots of mascara on the bordering supporting cast, makes it undetectable to almost everyone, but…rats.

The time I’m saving by sidestepping the shampoo-conditioner-blowdry-curling iron-product-hairspray routine every morning is now being chewed up by the careful application of eye makeup.  After all, I want to look like a girl.

Last night, I made Jerry put on magnifying glasses so he could see the miniscule sprouts of hairs that were struggling to fill in my eyebrows.  “See?”  I said, “They’re coming back!”

“That’s okay,” he said cheerfully.  “Next week’s chemo will kill ’em all again.”

I so love this man.


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