There’s not much that a bicycle and a dose of sunshine won’t fix.

Well, maybe the combo hasn’t yet been heralded as the cure for breast cancer, but getting in a ride is very therapeutic.

Today I’m post-chemo day three, and the majority of the fatigue-fog has crested and rolled out, but I’m still a little achy.  So I’m meandering slowly on the mountain bike, thinking about chemo and surgery and radiation and pathology reports and all that.

And a quail, squat and fat, with that ridiculous headdress and rushing little birdy legs, dashed into my path.  I laughed.  Then the whole gang of quail rose as one from the ground, flapping and squeaking, and soared away.  They were beautiful. God sent quail for me.

This was not the first time God sent quail for His people.  For the rest of the ride, I thought about His provision and blessings.

“They asked, and he brought them quail and satisfied them with the bread of heaven.” Psalm 105:40



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