Strong Medicine

The strong medicine started last week.

Chemotherapy.  It’s become a catch-phrase.  The in crowd calls it “chemo.”  A blended word–chemical therapy.  In Old Testament times they used a cake of figs, topically applied, to cure the sick.  These days, it’s a little more complicated.

The theory here is to poison the cancer cells without killing off the host.  There’s actually quite a bit of poisoning involved, though.  Anything that has a known M.O. of making you tired, nauseated and hairless MUST be pretty strong stuff.

I can’t complain.  As chemo effects go, I sailed through Round One, which was last Thursday morning.  Thursday afternoon, fine.  Friday…fine, too.  I worked from home, just in case the effects manifested themselves the day after.  I didn’t want to be thirty-seven miles from home if they did.  I can hear it now…”hey EMS guys, we have all these ambulances that aren’t busy, who can give Katy a ride home?”  Oh, gosh.  Not happening. Fortunately, at least this time, I proved to be a tough old bird.  Friday was OK.

Saturday I awoke with a little headache and teeny, tiny, dab of nausea.  It was a lot like the first few weeks of pregnancy–sort of a fatigue fog that floats persistently around your head all the time.  I faithfully took my anti-nausea pills and lurked about not doing much all day.    Went to church, went out for dinner with friends, went to bed.  Sunday, it was lifting.  I went for a bike ride and it was exhilarating.  Cold, crisp, brrrr-y in the shadows and warm in the sunny spots.  Glorious.

Monday, I went to work.  And life goes on.

So the strong medicine is launched.  Let it be strong medicine for me.  A tool that God uses to catapult me out the other side into a healthy future.

Now Isaiah had said, “Let them take a cake of figs and apply it to the boil, that he may recover.”  Isaiah 38:21


One thought on “Strong Medicine

  1. I’m begrudging the fact that I’m at work today… my family is off on Christmas vacation missing me, and I them. Hate it. I’m pretty much out of work, so I’m creating some….I fell to the temptation of looking for something on the internet, and there were your great words of faith and strenghth… so, now, I guess it’s ok to be here, I’m happy I have a job, and my health. And, I am most happy that the first round went well for you. March on little soldiers and do your worst!

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