Some good news…finally!

The “something” in the MRI turned out to be a minding-its-own-bidness, ops normal, happy little lymph node. No cancer. The starboard boobie is blithely bouncing along, healthy and cancer-free.

On my way to the radiology center this morning, I composed a little Dr. Seuss in my head, reflective of how I was currently feeling.

“Is it climbing up my nose?
Sprouting lumps between my toes?
Crawling sneaky through my hair?
Growing nasty things DOWN THERE?”

When the ultrasound tech announced she was looking at a lymph node I was so engulfed with happiness that we flung our arms around each other and I got ultrasound goo all over her white coat. I love it when professional people can share the delight of good news!

So back to square one, gratefully looking forward to the lumpectomy on Monday morning. I’m over the moon happy tonight. I have breast cancer. In ONE breast.


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